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Early in his childhood, Rashawn was enamoredby hair. Born in Harlem, NewYork he was surrounded by edgy style. Even walking

Early in his childhood, Rashawn was enamored by hair. Born in Harlem, New York he was surrounded by edgy style. Even walking down the streets, all the new hair trends would catch his eye. His next door neighbor and mother's best friend, Rose, attended cosmetology school and kept her mannequins around so she could practice techniques she learned in school. At the age of 5, Rashawn would love to play with those mannequins, especially the one with long hair. His interest was apparent and Rashawn's mother thought it would pass. Little did she know it was the beginning of passion-filled career.



Rashawn earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a concentration in Banking and Finance from Johnson C. Smith University in 2004. After working in the corporate world for 4 years, Rashawn’s love for creativity would push him to take a leap of faith. He enrolled in Empire Beauty School where he earned his cosmetology license in 2008 and returned to become a licensed Cosmetology Educator in 2012

"Invest in your Hair, it is the Crown you never take off" 

During those years, Rashawn focused on honing his craft and preparing for his next big move. He always kept the spirit of his late sister at the forefront of his work. Before her passing, Rashawn’s sister braided hair, a memory that served as motivation to follow in her footsteps. In June 2014, he would launch his own business naming it Inspired by Your Hair as a tribute to her inspiration and to the inspiration of all the clients that he works with.



IBYH has become a premiere hair care and beauty service business that promotes healthy hair to its diverse clientele while providing hair care education. The brand continues to expand, adding IBYH apparel to the mix as well as community involvement initiatives. IBYH is making a name for itself in the greater Charlotte community through its regular outreach programs like the annual Teddy Bear Drive and participation in free community events providing haircuts and school supplies.

In recognition of his selfless service and giving to the community, Rashawn will be the recipient of the 2017 Honor Thy Neighbor award.

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